Fleet and Systems

e-System Solutions own and or operate a number of Fighter Aircraft, Helicopters and Intelligent High Speed Drones in order to provide the applicable realistic airborne platform for EW training, EW / Radar Equipment Test and Evaluation, Foreign Weapon System evaluation and Operator training. All the platforms are integrated with “weapon modelisation equipment” which transmits the geospatial position of the host platform and the relative geospatial position of the system / platform under test while simultaneously transmitting specific performance data of the system / platform under test and the conditions of the host platform to a mobile ground receiver station. This allows for live analysis and post-test analysis of the system / platform under test in real time.

e-System Solutions can deploy these platforms to the customers country in either the Air Force environment, or Naval environment or Land forces environment thereby guaranteeing a sustained in country capability if required with the support of ex-military subject matter specialists. The subject matter experts can assist with the development of flight test specifications, flight test planning and data reduction.

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